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Garden lounge

Garden lounge

Outdoor areas should also feel like a home. The outdoor loungers with outdoor textiles from Sunbrella™ give every garden that certain something. With a garden lounger from Viplounge, your outdoor area will become a real oasis of wellbeing - the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries.

The outdoor loungers with outdoor textiles from Sunbrella™ lend every corner, no matter how large, that extra something special. That makes setting up easy.

Favourite furniture for the lounge area

As you know, garden furniture for your private lounge can consist of many different materials. The classics are probably seats made of warm wood, which radiate closeness to nature and cosiness. Modern aluminium, which is weatherproof and adapts to any style, also has its charm, as does robust and timeless rattan, which we also have in our range.

But a fabric garden lounger? It’s always been reasonable to assume that textiles are far too sensitive for outdoor areas. But this isn't true for our innovative surface material made of acrylic fibres, which was previously used for the manufacture of parasols or in the marine sector.

 Sunbrella™  Sunbrella™ is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of fabrics for indoors and outdoors. Exceptional design, a high level of comfort and weather resistance are the most important standards for the development of new materials. Upholstered furniture made of textiles for outdoor use is a real innovation on the garden furniture market, which will become more and more popular in the coming years.

It can provoke a storm of enthusiasm at all levels. And not just because you can sit on the lounge furniture all year round and it can remain outdoors in summer and winter.

The design is timeless and is also underlined by the fact that the lounge furniture for the garden and balcony is available in various subtle colours. A classic look meets a high degree of functionality here because our textile lounges are extremely easy to care for and dirtrepellent. Stains can easily be treated with a little detergent and water and then brushed off.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the durable upholstered furniture is the weatherproof upholstery. This means that the annoying stowing of the seat cushions in the event of a change in the weather or before dark falls is a thing of the past. Imagine what a nice relief that would be: Instead of running in panic to clear away the upholstery when a summer rain suddenly sets in, you can relax.

And thanks to our Quick Dry Foam, you can take a seat again only 20 minutes after the rain shower. The innovative foam doesn't need more time to dry because the seat cushions don’t soak up water - the water just flows through the foam. And because there’s no moisture under the surface, you don’t have to worry about the formation of mould.

The sofas and armchairs are also made of UV-resistant fabric. Even in intense sunlight, the material doesn’t bleach and doesn’t become brittle. Neither cold nor snow or stormy wind can harm the material.

The aluminium frame provides the necessary stability. It's also rustproof and light. The garden lounges, which are available in different sizes from sofas for small balconies to XL lounges, are particularly durable and will look like new for years to come.

If you're looking for weatherproof garden furniture with high seating comfort, the best choice is lounge furniture with a textile cover.

Furnishing with garden lounger furniture

The furniture is the heart of the outdoor area. So you should make your choice very carefully and trust your gut feeling. Our garden lounges made of acrylic fibre combine design and practicality - so they always cut a very good figure.

A matching coffee table is included with most of our garden lounger sets. This is practical because everything can be coordinated very well. We have the perfect furniture for the lounge on your small but nice balcony, as well as for extensive garden areas - we know how to use different spaces the best way.

Our lounge furniture is very stylish and can accommodate a large number of people. The pieces are also real all-rounders when it comes to creating a coherent overall look. It’s entirely up to you what other decorative elements you want. Make your outdoor room inviting and cosy with decorative pillows, lanterns and plants.

viplounge.ch: Take a seat on your outdoor lounge

Outdoor furniture with Sunbrella™ fabrics is brand new on the market. So be a pioneer and get to know this innovation. You’re also welcome to admire the garden lounges in our showrooms and take a seat there. We’ll advise you competently with a smile during your visit as well as by phone or online and answer all your questions about your lounge area on your balcony and terrace.

Ordering and delivery at viplounge.ch are extremely convenient. Since we have all furniture in stock, you order risk-free and receive your furniture even free of charge within Switzerland within a few working days.

Your viplounge.ch garden lounger redefines comfort. Let cosiness be a part of your balcony or terrace today.

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