Cushion boxes

Cushion boxes

A cushion box is the perfect storage place for your rattan furniture's cushions as well as for other things that would otherwise remain in the garden. The garden chests are a practical and at the same time stylish eye-catcher for outdoors. We say: Don't do without a cushion box.

The benefits of a cushion box from

  • high-quality polyrattan
  • visually appealing
  • waterproof box
  • Ventilation holes to prevent mould growth
  • robust in wind & weather
  • resilient lid

Material: Rattan cushion boxes for the garden

The high-quality polyrattan of our garden chests is a great alternative to real rattan. The hand-woven synthetic fibres are convincing at first glance with their well thought-out design.

The sturdy plastic casing is made of one casting, and the cushion box has a closure that seals it from the inside. In addition, the lid is slightly overlapping, so there is no capillary action. That way the stored items are guaranteed to be protected from rain and moisture. The inside of the box is lined with soft and resistant fabric that has been carefully attached and can be closed with a zipper.

To prevent moisture and mould from forming, your garden chests have air holes in the bottom. The rattan boxes not only protect your seat cushions from rain, but are also the best choice in winter. Ice and cold can’t harm the chests, so the pillows are well kept all year round. The robust outdoor furniture defies every storm and is extremely durable.

A well thought-out concept stands behind the cushion boxes for your balcony and terrace. Visually, there is no better solution that fits so well with your rattan furniture from The garden chests complement existing furniture perfectly and fit harmoniously into the overall look. And: They were specially developed for our rattan loungers and are available in different sizes for the seat cushions of our different models. The perfect combination!

Multifunctionality: Different uses for garden chests

The name reveals what our cushion boxes are primarily intended for, of course: Seat cushions and decorative pillows can be stowed safely and effortlessly in the spacious boxes and protected from the influence of the weather. Of course, there is also space for many other things. Garden tools and children's toys can also be stored.

The garden chest has many advantages and shows its strength especially when the weather gets bad, it rains or snow accumulates on the lid. They are ready for use in summer and winter.

So your pillows and upholstery stay beautiful for a long time and are protected from dirt. And the best thing is: The seat cushions are always within reach so you can use every ray of sunshine without having to laboriously clear the seat cushions. The garden chests prove to be a valuable accessory to your garden furniture when you want a spontaneous cup of coffee on the balcony or have an unannounced visit.

The decorative boxes can do even more. Since the lid is quite resilient and is characterised by its stability, it can also be used when more storage space is needed at short notice. They can be quickly converted into a sideboard, a small buffet or bar in no time, where your guests can help themselves quickly and easily.

Elegant, versatile and with plenty of space for everything that needs to be placed inside, – our exclusive cushion boxes pass the everyday test with ease.

Place the cushion box nearby

Have you experienced the difficulty of having to get the seat cushions for your rattan furniture out of the basement or the garage before you can put your feet up? The big advantage of your garden chest is that you can keep decorative cushions and seat cushions within easy reach so everything is ready in a snap.

The best location for the rattan box is somewhere close to the action. A corner on the terrace or balcony is ideal especially since the garden chest will only draw admiring looks.

This is the only requirement for the space: It has to be big enough. Due to the robust workmanship and the high weather resistance, the waterproof cushion box can be covered, but it doesn’t have to be, because the durable polyrattan still will look like new after many years. Dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth and a little soap. Your specialist for rattan furniture

Discover the sophisticated concept behind the cushion boxes in our online shop or visit one of our showrooms at various locations in Switzerland. With garden chests in different sizes from you can make your garden and balcony even more beautiful. In terms of colour, you can adapt your storage box to your rattan furniture, creating a harmonious overall picture.

The chests are absolutely indispensable for everyone who wants things to be practical and beautiful. In terms of design and functionality, nothing is left to be desired. We know you’ll be pleased with the cushion boxes from


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