Wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture

Natural materials are popular in gardens because they radiate rustic comfort and warmth. Our wooden garden lounger combines modern design with rustic comfort and ensures you enjoy a relaxed time in the open air. Take a look around and find your perfect wooden lounge!

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Wooden lounge furniture: the down-to-earth choice

If you want a natural feel, choose wooden garden furniture. Wood has character and instantly conveys security. The pleasant feel and beautiful grain make wooden furniture something very special. Wood also doesn’t reach outside temperatures as quickly as other materials. The advantage: This way you won't get a cold shock when you touch the wood even on cool days.

Thanks to its rustic charm and comfortable upholstery, a wooden garden lounger is immediately inviting. In addition to the comfort, wood is robust enough to serve well as a material for garden furniture. It’s durable and stable, making it perfect for outdoor use. A wooden garden lounger can definitely score points as a natural alternative to plastic and metal furniture!

A wooden garden lounger from Viplounge

In our online shop, you’ll find wooden furniture of many different designs. A lounge usually consists of a table and several seats. In addition to sets made entirely of wood, we also have sets made of wood and rattan. And in addition to various colours, such as the modern colour “Old White”, we also use different types of wood, such as pine, acacia and recycled teak. Decide for yourself what you like best!

Create natural cosiness in the garden

The combination of the natural material and the soft upholstery is perfect for cosy evenings – outdoors as well as indoors! Our louunge planer can help visualise the size that best suits your garden or balcony. So you can create a luxurious seating area and your new favourite place in your own home!

Walks through the forest are generally considered a soothing ritual. But you can also relax in a wooden garden lounger! You can spend a pleasant time, breathe the soothing scent of the natural material and feel absolutely secure – whether you’re alone or in good company. You can offer your guests snacks and drinks on the practical table while you sit back and relax in the soft pillows. There are many possible uses for such a lounger, but one thing is always true: A wooden lounger immediately creates a cosy atmosphere!

Wood leaves a lot of design freedom

Wood always works! The nice thing about the material is that it fits any style and can be combined with practically anything. Our wooden garden furniture is stable, but it is still made in such a way that it is light enough to be moved around at any time. You can decide for yourself where you want to put it – on the terrace? Under the pavilion? Or in the winter garden during the cold season?

You can also make many other design changes if you would like to. How about upholstery in a different colour, colourful blankets or some pretty decorative pillows to create nice accents? The wooden lounge leaves a lot of design freedom, so many individual styles are possible. Set up your wooden garden lounger in the way that best complements your everyday life!

Our tips for cleaning wooden furniture

In order to maintain the nice characteristics of your wooden lounge for as long as possible, we recommend you give the furniture regular care. With the right care, your wooden garden furniture will continue to look beautiful even after many years. But don't worry, wooden furniture doesn’t require that much effort.

Our tip: If there is a thunderstorm or hailstorm, cover the furniture with a waterproof cover. So you keep the furniture safe when the weather is rough. When caring for the furniture you should preferably do the following:

  • Clean with gentle soapy water
    First of all, you should clean the furniture at the beginning and end of the garden season. Clean it with a gentle, natural soap. The vegetable oils in the soap will give the wood the oil it needs. Just use a cotton cloth, a soft brush or a sponge for cleaning. However, microfibre cloths should not be used because they remove the oil from the furniture.
  • Care products for wooden furniture
    It would also be good to treat the lounge with a special wood care product about twice a year. The product penetrates through the paint pores and refines the surface, preserving the quality. It also stabilises the coating and keeps the furniture shiny. Even slight fissures, such as hairline cracks, hail damage or slight scratches, can be repaired with the product. This kind of care is definitely worth it, because it significantly reduces the maintenance intervals for the furniture.
  • Wash upholstery
    The garden furniture upholstery takes the least effort: It can be removed and then placed directly into the washing machine. As you can see, cleaning a wooden lounge doesn’t take a lot of effort or a lot of time. For more information, please see our care tips.

Buy a wooden garden lounger and enjoy a piece of nature

Are you looking for a high quality garden lounger with a dining table? Why not choose a wooden Viplounge garden lounger? The durable material can be used wonderfully as balcony furniture or patio furniture and enhances every outdoor area. It adapts to any style and can look both elegant and rustic – depending on your taste! If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to assist you at any time and help you select the optimal wooden lounge.

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