Rattan deck chairs

Rattan deck chairs

Lying in your own garden on a warm summer day like lying on a beach lounge - wouldn't that be nice? With our rattan deck chairs you can just switch off a little. Make yourself comfortable on a rattan deck chair from Viplounge and enjoy a relaxing time outdoors!

A rattan garden lounge can do it all

Our rattan deck chairs impress with their modern design and actually fit in all gardens. The stylish garden lounges offer the highest level of quality and first-class comfort which can be seen, and above all, felt. You relaxation doesn’t end with the comfort factor. After all, garden lounges shouldn't just be weatherproof, they should also be easy to clean. Let yourself be inspired by the wonderful characteristics of lounge chairs by Viplounge.

Relax comfortably in your garden

Relax in a deck chair and let your mind wander - with your own garden lounge you can do it as often as you like! Of course, foldable deck chairs are often practical for short sunbathing, but if you want exceptional comfort, you should definitely choose a model with higher lying comfort. Because you can really only relax if the deck chair adapts to your preferences and has soft upholstery.

Our deckchairs can do both! The upholstery is extremely comfortable and invites you to day dream. You can also adjust the hydraulically foldable backrest while you are lying down to find the best position. You don't even have to get up! No matter whether you are taking a nap, reading a good book or having a chat, the deck chair adapts to all of your needs!

Resistant material

The high-quality polyrattan is braided by hand and combines the beautiful look of rattan with the robustness of plastic. Knowing that the garden lounge is particularly hard-wearing and will remain intact for a long time makes it much easier to relax! The material is very reliable: The upholstery is water-repellent and the frame made of rustproof aluminium is braced several times, which makes the whole structure particularly stable.

The furniture is weatherproof and can in principle be used all year round. Even in winter you don't have to think too much about where to put your deck chair, because it can just stay where it is. A cover can also be used to protect the chair.

Flexible and easy to clean, ideal for outdoor use

If you don't travel, you can also enjoy the pure holiday feeling at home with a deck chair from Viplounge. They not only fit in your garden, but also fit wonderfully on a balcony or terrace. They will also cut a wonderful figure next to the pool. Since the upholstery is water-repellent and the furniture is weatherproof, it copes well with all situations.

However, the fact that the rattan lounge is robust does not mean that it is not flexible! If you want to switch from the sun to the shadow or back again, it can be transported easily thanks to the practical castors. The weight is so low that you don't have to put much effort into it!

In addition, a rattan garden lounge is very easy to care for. The polyrattan itself does not require a lot of attention and stays beautiful for a long time. If the upholstery gets a little dirt on it, you can simply remove it and put it in the washing machine. It's best to clean the rattan with a cloth and soapy water. If you want, there are even special plastics that can be used for this.

Buy rattan deck chairs: You have the choice

Even if the temperatures in Switzerland are not tropical in the summer, it can be wonderfully relaxing to sit down in a comfortable deck chair when the weather is nice. If you agree, the only question left is what the right deck chair is for you. The decision is of course entirely up to you. You have different options for designing a lounge with a deck chair.

  • Which design suits you?
    One classic that fits into any garden is dark rattan with a light fabric. This combination looks classy and cosy at the same time. If you want, you can also choose a darker or more active fabric. With coloured cushions or flowers, you can add a few bright accents and express your personality.
  • Do you need a table or a shelf?
    If you want to relax in the garden, on the terrace or by the pool, you usually need somewhere to put your book or cocktail glass down. So how about a small stool as a side table ? The practical piece of furniture fulfils two functions. Our larger models are particularly functional, as they already have their own storage area so everything important is always within easy reach.
  • What extras go with it?
    How about a parasol as a small accessory to make relaxing outdoors even more pleasant? Or would you prefer a few pillows for people who like to be particularly cosy? Create a small oasis of relaxation and enrich your garden, balcony or terrace with high-quality furniture and practical accessories. You can use our Lounge Planner for this, which can help you to optimally set up your personal lounge.
  • With or without a backrest?
    It's of course entirely up to you whether your garden lounge should have side rests or not. While a deck chair with backrests is particularly comfortable, a version without backrests can be set in a jiffy so that it can be used as a bed, bench or couch. Depending on whether you like to rest your arms or prefer flexibility, you can choose what you like here.

Inexpensive lounge chairs in Switzerland at Viplounge.ch

Viplounge polyrattan lounge chairs are luxury at an affordable price! Garden lounges that can be used all year round make it really easy for you to relax. Since they are weather-resistant, you don’t have to worry about making the bed or spending a lot of time on maintenance. Let yourself sink into the soft pillows and block out the world around you. Equipped with a few extras, your garden lounge will become your personal feel-good paradise!

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