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Rattan Lounge

Rattan Lounge

Want to design a living room, but outside under the open sky? That’s no problem with a rattan lounge because you can easily create the perfect feel-good atmosphere with our modern seating groups. So you can enjoy being outdoors to the fullest.

Buy a rattan lounge: How to find the perfect furniture

Before you buy you have to get to know the options. Of course you want to discover the perfect garden or balcony furniture. Stylish and modern lounge furniture is an absolute must-have in the garden, but even a small balcony with the right furniture can become a retreat where you can relax and unwind. The furniture also cuts a good figure indoors, for example in the conservatory.

Rattan lounges can be set up on different surfaces. They are as firm and secure on the lawn as on wooden or tiled floors. So the floor plays a secondary role. However, you should definitely ask yourself these questions before buying:

✓ How many people should be able to sit in your rattan lounge?
✓ What purpose should the furniture be used for? Would you like to eat there, for example, or above all put your feet up and enjoy the sun?
✓ Which design do you like? You have the option, for example, to choose the colours of the seat cushions according to your taste, from a classic combination with black polyrattan and white upholstery cushions to bright red. What is possible and what suits your garden.
✓ How should it be made? Are you looking for an chair, a sofa or should both be combined with a table and other elements?

Lounge furniture made of polyrattan: Visually appealing & weatherproof

Rattan lounge furniture impresses with its timeless and elegant design. Polyrattan is available in different shades, from natural, warm brown to light golden brown to an almost black colour.

While the look is of course one of the most important criteria for your purchase decision, the longevity of your furniture for an outdoor area also plays an important role. Polyrattan convinces in all areas. Your rattan lounge is firm and stable thanks to aluminium feet. The surface of the furniture is weatherproof and water-repellent. Rain, snow and high UV radiation are no problem for the easy-care chairs and sofas.

And you don’t have to worry about cleaning. You don't have to invest in expensive care products to make your rattan furniture look beautiful for a long time. Dirt can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth. The robust seat cushions can also be cleaned quickly: The upholstery covers can be removed and simply put into the washing machine.

While the rattan furniture can remain in the garden even during the winter months without any worries and can be covered with additional rain protection, the seat pads should always be stowed in a cushion box to protect them from the weather.

Rattan lounge furniture is always comfortable. It's neither too high nor too low. The ergonomically shaped backrests invite you to lean back and relax. The furniture for the balcony and terrace is the perfect choice to put your feet up and read a good book or invite friends over for coffee and cake.

Buy a rattan lounge at viplounge.ch

Let yourself be inspired by rattan lounges at viplounge.ch. Online and in one of our seven garden furniture showrooms, you will discover the most beautiful seating made of polyrattan for your garden, balcony or winter garden.

Design your seating area according to your wishes and combine your lounge furniture with other seating elements, tables and chairs or a cushion box, in which the upholstery pads are protected from wind and weather. We have everything for your new seating area.

Regardless of whether you just want to get information or whether you have already found the perfect furniture: It's worthwhile to browse through our online shop or get personal advice on request.

Have you found your new favourite furniture, ordered it and your new rattan lounge has been delivered to your home for free? Now summer can really start!

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