Rattan Lounge Dining

Rattan Lounge Dining

In good weather and mild temperatures, a meal tastes even better if it can be enjoyed outside in your own garden. Our rattan lounge dining set invites you to dine outdoors and is as functional as it is elegant and comfortable! Bon Appetit!

Outdoor dining with our rattan dining lounge

Lounge and enjoy a meal with chic furniture! With our rattan lounge dining sets, you can eat on your terrace or balcony and still sit as comfortably as in a lounge. A set consists of an elevated rattan table and lounge chairs or benches, but can be expanded as required. Enjoy stylish meals or a relaxed coffee while the rattan furniture provides a Mediterranean ambience!

Our lounge dining set is extremely functional

The frame of our furniture is made of stable, rustproof aluminium. Thanks to the light material, the table and chairs can be moved without having to put in a lot of effort. Any number of chairs can be added or cleared away at any time as needed. And the best thing is: The height of the table is adjustable so the table top can be adjusted up or down in a few simple steps . This rattan set works in two ways, namely

  • as a dining table
  • and as a lounge.

If you want things a little more comfortable, the table can be lowered and offers space for drinks and snacks. You can relax in style or in peace. If, on the other hand, you want to eat while sitting upright, the table can be raised and the lounge is transformed into a spacious dining table.

Variety of uses for more flexibility

Thanks to its adaptability, there are a variety of ways in which the lounge can be used. Playing gamesand having lunch together work just as well as relaxing with a good book. The table can serve as a side table or shelf, and it can also be used for casual dining. Whatever you want to use your lounge for, it convinces with its flexibility!

Different sizes and variants

Our lounge dining furniture consists of several individual pieces that can be combined in various ways. Different versions are possible from small and compact with just two chairs to spacious with an expansive couch. If you are not sure which combination fits best on your balcony or in your garden, please consult our practical lounge planner! You can enter your desired dimensions and look through various options there.

Polyrattan: reliability all year round

The polyrattan for our furniture is braided by hand and is manufactured with great care. That is how the rattan weave gets its beautiful look and special charm. The robust plastic has established itself as the material for garden furniture because it remains stable in a wide variety of weather conditions.

Polyrattan defies UV radiation, heat, cold, rain and storms and can stay outside all year round without being damaged. You can save yourself a lot of trouble because the lounge can stay where it is on your terrace or balcony regardless of the weather.

Chic and adaptable in design

No matter what your personal style looks like, you can never go wrong with our rattan dining lounges. We have both dark and light polyrattan in our range - from beige to brown to black tones. The upholstery is also available in different colours so the lounge can be a gaudy eye-catcher or discreet piece depending on your taste.

And if you want some variety, you can, for example, buy a new upholstery cover set and bring some fresh colour to your garden. If you want to get even more out of your rattan lounge in terms of design, you can also pretty it up a bit with decorative pillows in different colours and patterns. Use a little creative freedom and set up the lounge the way you want!

Enjoy it even more with the right accessories

A dining lounge offers a lot! But with a few extras, you can be even more comfortable. Several guests can also sit onadditional stools,, which saves space. The small seats don’t take up much space and can be stowed away again when they are not in use. And our parasols provide extensive shade so no summer day is too hot for a gathering.

If a small summer thunderstorm suddenly arises, the upholstered furniture can be quickly covered with a suitable protective cover. And you can stay inside and wait for the storm to pass. After that, the cover can be removed and you can start again exactly where you left off.

The right care for polyrattan, upholstered furniture and co.

Although your outdoor lounge is exposed to all kinds of weather, it is extremely easy to maintain. Even for those who aren’t enthusiastic about cleaning, it is not difficult to get the material clean again. Here are a few tips:

1. Washing fabric covers

If there is a stain on the upholstery of your chair, bench or stool, it can be removed easily. Remove the covers and the washing machine will take care of the rest. Just adhere to the specified temperature and let the upholstery dry properly before the next use.

2nd Cleaning polyrattan

The plastic weave itself is also very easy to get clean. It's best to wipe the furniture with mild soapy water and a cloth or soft sponge. There are also special cleaners for polyrattan on the market, which also work well for this.

3rd Cleaning the table top

You should regularly remove dust or dirt from the glass top. We recommend using a glass cleaner and a damp cotton or microfibre cloth. Use cleaning agents sparingly so there are no streaks. Also, be careful with aggressive cleaners that may not be good for glass surfaces.

Inexpensive rattan lounges in Switzerland at Viplounge

The Swiss always like to enjoy bright sunshine and mild winds in their own garden. A dining lounge is a wonderfully flexible set of furniture, both for relaxing and dining. With our rattan dining lounge, you can spend warm summer evenings in convivial conversation without having to put up and take down furniture! Get one and make your outdoor area more functional and cosy!

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