Weatherproof comfort: Garden furniture with Sunbrella™ material

An upholstered outdoor lounger that can withstand any weather - does that really exist? Yes, it's possible with the new outdoor loungers with Sunbrella™ fabrics. The furniture is absolutely weatherproof and thanks to its cosy upholstery creates an atmosphere like your living room but outdoors. We present outdoor furniture with Sunbrella™ fabric here and explain what makes it so special.

A novelty in the garden: weatherproof outdoor lounge furniture

Anyone who owns high-quality garden furniture is familiar with this problem: As soon as the first raindrops fall from the sky, all the upholstery has to be hectically removed and brought in, or you have to search quickly for a cover. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just leave the furniture standing all year round and quickly take a seat after a thunderstorm?


It’s a new way of life in the garden!

Attention friends of the outdoors: There is something completely new on the Swiss market when it comes to outdoor furniture. Outdoor loungers made with Sunbrella™ fabric are not only comfortable, but also absolutely weatherproof due to their special properties. Thanks to this new piece of garden furniture, you can now enjoy a new feeling of life in the garden.


The big trend of outdoor loungers made of Sunbrella™ fabric is starting a veritable garden furniture revolution that garden lovers have been waiting for! For anyone who places high demands on their garden furniture, this furniture could be the ideal solution:

Spend more time in the garden

This modern garden furniture made of quick-drying Sunbrella™ fabric makes it possible to enjoy carefree hours in the garden in summer. But the furniture can also be used spontaneously on beautiful autumn or spring days. And you save yourself tedious preparation of the upholstery because is already ready to go! That means you can use the furniture on all good weather days, even if it’s only an hour a day. But what can the Sunbrella™ fabric do that others can’t?

What is Sunbrella™?

The renowned company Sunbrella™ has set itself the task of developing fabrics that are as beautiful as they are functional. As early as the 1960s, they started working on an awning fabric that has a particularly long lifespan. Originally, the fabric was mainly developed for parasols and the marine sector, but the concept can be seamlessly transferred to outdoor furniture. Today Sunbrella™ fabric is also used for outdoor curtains and boat fabrics.


Sunbrella™ fabric is characterised by being cosy, robust and easy to care for. The word is composed of the terms “Sun” and “Umbrella”. The name says it all - neither sun nor rain can penetrate the fabric. The fabrics are resistant to fading and are particularly durable. Sunbrella™ stands for quality and strives to produce exceptional textiles. But how exactly is it possible that Sunbrella™ fabric is so quick-drying and weatherproof? The secret lies in the special structure of the furniture.

How Sunbrella™ fabric works: Structure and special features of the material

Sunbrella™ stands for qualitative fabrics for upholstered furniture in the outdoor area that are absolutely weatherproof. However, Sunbrella™ fabric is not some magic substance, it's just a carefully constructed material. The weatherproof properties result from the structure and the materials used for it. The furniture consists mainly of three layers and each of them does its part:



1. Surface of Sunbrella™ fabric and dyed-through acrylic fibre

The top layer of this outdoor furniture is made of Sunbrella™ fabric and can withstand a lot. It is stretched tightly over the Quick Dry Foam filling and results in a soft, yet wrinkle-free surface. The fabric is water-repellent, so moisture simply rolls off the surface.

Even dirt doesn’t penetrate deep into the fibre of the fabric.

Sunbrella-Outdoor-Stoffe-1The acrylic fabric is 100% spun-dyed. This means that the colour pigments are worked directly into the filaments at the beginning of the weaving process. The fibres are thus completely dyed through. That means the Sunbrella™ fabric retains its colour even when exposed to the sun for long periods.



2. Filled with Quick Dry Foam

Conventional foams react to water like a sponge and literally absorb the moisture.

As a result, it can take a long time for the fabric to dry again after a rain shower.

Quick Dry Foam, on the other hand, is a mesh-like polyurethane foam with very open cells that ensure water drainage.

The water runs straight through the foam, so that the fabric is completely dry after 20 minutes, even without additional effort.

So it's ideal for outdoor use!



3. Stainless steel cage construction frame

The frame of the furniture is made of rustproof and powder-coated aluminium. The cage construction ensures that the water can flow straight over the cage. Instead of taking a long time to dry, the lounger gets rid of water all by itself. In addition, this special design makes the sofas extremely robust and stable.

Advantages of the weatherproof outdoor lounger

Due to the functional composition and the excellent properties of the materials, there are many advantages for garden furniture. Wind, cold, rain or UV rays cannot harm the Sunbrella™ fabric, but it's still comfortable.

We have summarised the advantages of the weatherproof garden loungers here:

 Water and dirt repellent: easy-care garden furniture

Liquids roll off the fabric and therefore don’t penetrate so deeply into the fibres of the fabric. The same applies to dirt.

If you spill a drink while sitting together in the evening, you can wipe the drops off immediately with a rag without fear of stubborn stains. Check it out for yourself:

Quick drying and breathable: spend more time in the garden

People who like to spend a lot of time in the garden and want to fully enjoy every second there have a clear advantage here. Especially in summer it sometimes happens that your cosy evening outside is often interrupted by small showers. With this furniture, you only have to wait 20 minutes before you can take a seat again. The annoyance of dragging the upholstery back and forth is a thing of the past. You can literally watch the fabric dry:

 Child-friendly, uncomplicated garden lounger

Families with children know: They can be a little wild when they play. Thanks to the highquality properties of Sunbrella™ fabric, the garden lounger can be used stress-free by young and old.

The robust material can withstand a lot and stains can be cleaned very easily. So the garden furniture is ready for use again in no time!

 Soft and comfortable: an outdoor living room

The robust properties of the lounger shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort. Thanks to the pleasant textile feel, the upholstery is soft and comfortable. That way you can move the living room outside and experience the same comfort there. The exclusive Quick Dry Foam is not only a high-quality material, but also offers the best comfort. So you can relax outside as well as inside.

 Breathable and mould-resistant: long-lasting companions in the garden

If water and dirt settle in garden furniture mould can start to grow. Since the Sunbrella™ fabric is permeable to water, no moisture accumulates inside the furniture. In addition, the upholstery is covered with a special fungicidal coating that protects it from mould and mould stains.

 UV-resistant and lightfast: Colourfast

If outdoor upholstered furniture is exposed to the sun all year round, the colour of the fabric often fades noticeably after a short time. Sunbrella™ fabric, on the other hand, is very resistant to UV light and is lightfast. That's because the colour pigments are not applied afterwards, but are incorporated directly into the fibres during manufacturing. This ensures that the colour is retained for an extra long time.

UV-beständig und lichtecht: Farben bleiben bestehen


What customers say

Within a short time, furniture with Sunbrella™ fabric has already become a star among outdoor loungers. Finally! Functional furniture with style that is both visually appealing and cosy. The loungers are already in demand worldwide. It’s no wonder because a piece of furniture that stays in your garden in rain and snow and can be used again afterwards is a dream come true for garden lovers.

A lot of garden fans have been waiting a long time for that kind of garden furniture. We've collected a few of our customers’ opinions about the furniture here:

Customer review 1:

Customer review 2:

Customer review 3:

Customer review 4:


Outdoor lounge furniture vs. rattan furniture: The comparison

When it comes to redesigning the outdoor area, you first have to decide what your new furniture should look like. If you like to spend time in the garden, Sunbrella™ fabric can be an advantage.

Vergleich-Rattan-lounge VIP-Lounge_look-feel_Kissen_DIG-5748

We have briefly summarised the main differences between furniture made of polyrattan or similar materials with upholstery and Sunbrella Fabric™:

Polyrattan with upholstery Sunbrella™ fabric

Weatherproof (but not the padding)

Absolutely weatherproof

Easy care


Durable and no mould

Should be protected from extreme cold

Can stay outside all year round

Timeless, elegant design

Living room feeling thanks to cosy upholstery
Upholstery for high seating comfort

High seating comfort

Different models: Put together your weatherproof lounge

Your own interior and exterior is something very individual and has to fit your own ideas and please others. Fortunately for weatherproof outdoor furniture there are different design options - for generous terrace s to small balconies.

Accentuate your garden with decorative pillows

The Sunbrella™ outdoor lounger comes with everything you need to relax. But that doesn't mean that you can’t add some beauty!

With a few decorative pillows Sunbrella™ fabric can be used to create beautiful, colourful highlights in your own garden. The pillows are a real eye-catcher and give your lounge that certain something!


Test your design options with the lounge planner

With the ultimate lounge planner from Viplounge, you can try out in advance whether the furniture fits in your garden space.

Simply enter the dimensions of your garden or terrace and drag and drop the furniture into the planner.

This gives you an overview of how things will look in your outdoor area and brings you one step closer to choosing your dream furniture.



You can put together your furniture flexibly and get an offer from us using the “Offer” button. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Let yourself be inspired and put together the lounge you want!

Tip: With connection clips, individual elements can be put together flexibly so that the lounge can be perfectly matched to your own balcony or garden.


Delivery to private customers











As soon as you have made the right choice for you and ordered your furniture, we will deliver it to your home and take care of the assembly:


Delivery to business customers

Business customers can also use our versatile outdoor loungers with Sunbrella™ fabric.











As a business customer, you also benefit from practical deluxe delivery from Viplounge:

How to recognise a real outdoor lounger with Sunbrella™ fabric

There are now a lot of vendors on the market who offer weatherproof outdoor loungers . Visually, the furniture often looks something like loungers with real Sunbrella™ fabric. But looks can be deceiving! Caution should be exercised, especially with particularly inexpensive models. Some suppliers use substandard fabrics that cannot keep up with the excellent quality of Sunbrella™ fabrics.

So if you want to enjoy your weatherproof outdoor lounge furniture for a long time, you should pay close attention to whether genuine Sunbrella™ fabric is actually used for the furniture. Also inquire whether the furniture is equipped with Quick Dry Foam padding. In addition, the frame must be made of aluminium and the seams should be nicely done. That is the only way to ensure you’re getting high-quality garden furniture.

It’s always advisable to consult a specialist dealer! At Viplounge we are absolute specialists in the field of new outdoor fabric loungers with Sunbrella™ fabric. Trust us and rely on our quality!

A few tips on care

If you don't want to spend a lot of time caring for your garden furniture, these outdoor loungers are the right choice - because they are dirt-repellent and particularly easy to care for.

Although the furniture can remain outside all year round, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Read below about how you can get the furniture clean if you get something on it and about what precautions you need to take during the cold season.


How can I take care of the furniture?

If, despite everything, dirt gets on the upholstered furniture, it can be easily cleaned again. We'll show you how in a few steps:

  1. Simply brush off loose dirt.
  2. Mix a cleaning solution together by adding a quarter cup of mild soap such as Woolite or Dawn detergent per gallon of lukewarm water.
  3. Use a sponge or a soft brush for cleaning.
  4. Let the cleaning solution soak in the fabric.
  5. Then rinse the material thoroughly to remove any soap residue.
  6. 6. Let the fabric air dry.

That's it. After 20 minutes of drying time, the furniture is ready for use again!

How resistant is the furniture to mould?

Sunbrella™ fabrics themselves are mould-resistant and can therefore cope with moisture very well. If dirt or other foreign bodies are not removed from the fabric, mould can form. If that happens, it can be quickly and easily removed using bleach. The robust material withstands treatment very well without losing colour.

How can the furniture survive the winter?

In winter, your garden furniture usually takes a break and a lot of people wonder what you should do with the outdoor furniture during that time.

With Sunbrella™ fabrics, the answer is: Nothing. Thanks to the weatherproof properties, the fabric can easily remain outdoors in winter without losing any of its stability.

As soon as it gets warmer, a spring cleaning removes the dirt that has accumulated over the winter. So there's no need to worry. And the furniture is immediately ready for use in spring.


Can I cover the furniture with a protective cover?

Covering the furniture with a breathable cover to protect it from the coarsest snow can also be an advantage. That way you can save a large part of the later cleaning work, especially during longer periods of wet weather.

The protective covers from Viplounge are custom-made for the outdoor loungers and are easy to stretch. So you can adapt them perfectly to your furniture piece.

The PU-coated fabric is breathable, frost-resistant and waterproof. The eyelets and cords make it easy to attach - and windproof. The covers offer optimal protection and also look good!


Amongst outdoor furniture, weatherproof loungers with Sunbrella™ are definitely an innovation that is worthwhile. The water-permeable and quick-drying cage construction and the weatherproof fabric result in garden furniture that doesn't wear so quickly. The furniture is convincing in terms of its cosiness as well as reliability - whatever the weather!

Häufig gestellte Fragen
Welche Gartenlounge ist die richtige für mich?

Welche Gartenlounge ist die richtige für mich?

Die Wahl der passenden Lounge für den Garten hängt von unterschiedlichen Faktoren ab. Dazu gehören beispielsweise, wie viel Platz Sie zur Verfügung haben, welche Materialien Sie bevorzugen, wie hoch der Pflege- und Reinigungsaufwand sein darf und die geplante Nutzungsart des Möbelstücks.

Welche Gartenlounge kann im Winter draussen bleiben?

Welche Gartenlounge kann im Winter draussen bleiben?

Die beste Wahl hierfür sind eindeutig wetterfeste Möbel mit Sunbrella™-Stoff. Sie können das ganze Jahr über im Freien verweilen, ohne Schaden davon zu tragen. Im Frühjahr müssen Sie nur schnell vom angesammelten Schmutz befreit werden und sind sofort wieder einsatzbereit. Gartenlounges aus Aluminium sind ebenfalls belastbar genug, um die kalten Monate im Garten gut zu überstehen.

Was bedeutet wetterfest bei Gartenmöbeln?

Was bedeutet wetterfest bei Gartenmöbeln?

Wenn Gartenmöbel wetterfest sind, bedeutet dies, dass durch die Einwirkung von Wetter keinerlei Beeinträchtigungen oder Schäden an den Möbelstücken entstehen. Sie halten diversen Wettereinflüssen stand und sind dadurch besonders robust und langlebig.

Wie muss ich wetterfeste Gartenmöbel überwintern?

Wie muss ich wetterfeste Gartenmöbel überwintern?

Bei Sunbrella™-Lounges müssen Sie sich zur Überwinterung keine besonderen Gedanken machen. Denn durch ihre wetterfesten Eigenschaften können sie ohne Weiteres selbst im Winter im Freien stehen bleiben, ohne etwas von ihrer Stabilität zu verlieren. Gartenlounges aus anderen Materialien sind teilweise gar nicht bzw. nur bedingt winterfest und müssen im Winter sicher im Hausinneren verstaut werden.

Sind Sunbrella™-Gartenmöbel schimmelresistent?

Sind Sunbrella™-Gartenmöbel schimmelresistent?

Sunbrella™-Stoffe selbst sind schimmelresistent und kommen mit Feuchtigkeit somit sehr gut klar. Wenn Schmutz oder sonstige Fremdkörper nicht vom Stoff entfernt werden, kann darauf jedoch Schimmel entstehen. Sollte das der Fall sein, lässt er sich mithilfe von Bleichmitteln schnell und einfach eliminieren. Das robuste Material hält die Behandlung sehr gut aus, ohne, dass die Farbe dabei verloren geht.

Welche Gartenlounge ist wetterfest?

Welche Gartenlounge ist wetterfest?

Das Material entscheidet massgeblich darüber, ob die Gartenlounge wetterfest ist oder nicht. Um schlechtem Wetter zu trotzen, eignen sich wetterfeste Gartenlounges aus Sunbrella™-Stoff, Polyrattan, Aluminium sowie manchen Holzarten.

Auch wenn es oft mit Outdoor-Möbeln in Verbindung gebracht wird, ist echtes Rattan nicht besonders robust oder beständig gegenüber Witterungseinflüssen. Bei Holzmöbeln wiederum erweisen sich vor allem Nadelhölzer als ungeeignet.

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