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Decorative lounge cushions: Selection as far as the eye can see

The first consideration is what effect the decorative pillows should actually have on your lounge furniture and what function they should perform. Perhaps you want to create elegant gloss effects or create a coloured contrast to colour-neutral furniture, perhaps the simplicity of your lounge area should be emphasised or, on the contrary, colourful comfort should dominate the overall picture.

In any case, decorative pillows are the perfect accessory and a real must-have for rattan furniture. Choose either individual pillows for decoration or a whole range of decorative pillows in different colours or from a single colour family. In our online shop you will find both single-coloured pillows in yellow, red or green as well as colourful patterns to complete the look of your balcony or terrace.

Of course, you can also mix different formats depending on your preference. You can have large or small, elongated or square lounge cushions on your new favourite outdoor sofa.

Decorative cushions emphasise the cosy atmosphere and add a splash of colour. And the nice thing is: Depending on the season or mood, you can easily change the design and colour with a new decorative pillow cover, giving your outdoor living room a new character.

Decorative pillows for every season

Decorative pillows for your lounge furniture are of course in use all year round or at least as long as you use your garden furniture. In contrast to our weatherproof rattan loungers, however, the pillows themselves are not immune to wind and weather and should therefore be kept in a cushion box so they are always ready to hand, even if you want to sit on the balcony with a cup of coffee in late autumn or if you have an unannounced visit at the door.

Or you can choose Sunbrella™ decorative cushions that, just like our outdoor loungers, stand up to any rain shower as well as sunshine or freezing cold and will look like new again next spring.

You can also adjust the colour of the lounger accessories to the appropriate season. Choose, for example, floral patterns and pastel colours for spring, strong and colourful shades in summer or warm earth tones for autumn. Our decorative pillows cut a good figure all year round. Order pillows for your garden furniture easily online

Take a look around in our online shop and discover the most beautiful pillows for every taste and style. You are also welcome to get advice in one of our showrooms, online or by phone, to discover the perfect pillows for your lounge, regardless of whether they are large or small, elongated or square.

We at are your partner when choosing the right garden furniture, and of course we always prove our good hand when helping select suitable accessories. Order easily and risk-free and have it delivered free of charge, and then lean back completely relaxed, put a new pillow under your head and enjoy.

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