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Outdoor sofa

Outdoor sofa

When the weather is nice, you often can’t make up your mind - relax indoors on the sofa or go outside? You can have both with an outdoor sofa from Viplounge, because the Sunbrella fabric makes the lounge absolutely weatherproof. Sit in the garden as comfortably as you do in your living room!

Why choose an outdoor sofa?

Sofas are generally associated with the comfort of your living room. But comfortable seating has evolved and thanks to high-quality and durable materials you can now enjoy it outdoors. Opt for an outdoor lounge and enjoy all of its benefits:

  • Best seating comfort outdoors
  • Particularly stylish
  • Weatherproof, robust and easy to maintain
  • Suitable for garden, balcony and terrace
  • Sunbrella fabric is perfect for different beautiful models

Functions of the Sunbrella fabric

Who says functionality can't be beautiful? Sunbrella fabric was specially developed for permanent outdoor use, making it the ideal material for outdoor sofa covers. The fabric is characterised above all by its weather resistance and durability. This makes it very durable and colour-fast, but still feels pleasant. This material is something very special, so it isn’t surprising to us that it has recently become increasingly important among outdoor fabrics. The advantages are obvious, because the fabric is …

  • …absolutely weatherproof and quick-drying
  • ... resistant to UV light
  • ... easy to care for and durable
  • … soft and comfortable

As you can see, the Sunbrella fabric is really worth the investment! We at Viplounge are of the same opinion which is why we have a large range of outdoor lounges with this highquality fabric. You will definitely find the right sofa with us!

Our outdoor sofas: weatherproof and luxurious

With an outdoor sofa from Viplounge you can transform your garden into a cosy lounge and spend nice evenings with friends and family. Proven design meets absolute functionality and together results in a sofa that is second to none!

Weather is no problem!

Hastily clearing away upholstery and covering the furniture when there is a thunderstorm is a thing of the past! That's because the lounger uses weatherproof and water-repellent Sunbrella fabric! Regardless of whether it’s wind, rain, cold or UV radiation – the furniture can simply stay outdoors all year round, because it withstands all weather conditions.

The upholstery contains Quick Dry Foam, which makes it breathable. That means mould, bacteria and unpleasant smells don't have a chance! The foam also ensures that the garden furniture is dry and ready for use again in 20-30 minutes after a rain shower. The rustproof aluminium frame also helps with this. Thanks to the cage construction, the frame is designed so the water can flow out through the aluminium frame via the upholstery and the Quick Dry Foam - So the the sofa doesn’t store moisture and dries very quickly.

Luxury in your own garden

With its simple yet modern design, the sofa is suitable for any balcony or garden. It forms the centre of your outdoor lounge and is a real eye-catcher. In addition, there is hardly anything more relaxing than letting yourself sink comfortably into the upholstery of the lounge on a warm summer evening. Decide between two or three-seaters, spacious loungers or stretch your legs on an additional foot section. The design also promises security, because the natural colours radiate calm and don’t impose themselves too much. That makes the outdoor lounger your absolute oasis of wellbeing!

If you're not sure which lounge is the right one for your terrace, garden or balcony, our lounge planer can help. Just type in the dimensions of your available space and use the drag & drop system to place the lounge in the planner. This gives you an overview and a decision-making tool when choosing your outdoor sofa.

Accessories for the ideal garden lounger

An outdoor sofa provides your garden with a very special level of comfort. If you want to give your outdoor area an extra luxury, treat yourself to a few practical accessories. When the sun shines tirelessly from the sky, you can use one of our parasols. They provide generous shade, look casual and are also extremely stable.

Or how about a little variety and a few design accents? We have a large selection of decorative pillows, in a wide variety of colours and patterns that round off your sofa in terms of design. The cushions are also available in weatherproof Sunbrella fabric, making them the perfect addition to your garden sofa! And if you decide not to use the pillows, it’s easy to stow them in the practical cushion box - So they're always at hand and can be used again quickly should you get a spontaneous visit.

A sudden rainstorm is no problem for our outdoor sofas because they’re weatherproof and quick-drying. If that’s still too slow for you, you can simply throw on a waterproof protective cover when the first storm clouds appear in the sky. When the shower is over, just remove the cover and carry on - after all, your outdoor lounge didn't get a drop on it.

The right care for a lounge sofa

Since your lounge is outdoors all year round, it's not uncommon for a little dirt to build up after a while. Fortunately, thanks to its dirt-repellent properties, the Sunbrella fabric is very easy to care for and easy to clean. We've put together a small guide on how best to clean your outdoor sofa:

  1. Simply brush off loose dirt.
  2. Mix a cleaning solution of lukewarm water and mild soap together.
  3. Now brush the solution into the fabric with a sponge or a soft brush and let the whole thing take effect.
  4. Rinse the material thoroughly with water to remove any soap residue.
  5. Now just let the fabric air dry - done!

The good thing about the fabric is that it dries extremely quickly, so your cleaned sofa will soon be ready for use again. This lounge makes it really easy for you to relax because the maintenance effort is definitely limited.

Lounge sofas for outdoor areas cheap at Viplounge

Move your living room outside with a Viplounge outdoor sofa in high-quality Sunbrella fabric. The robust fabric provides a cosy lounge atmosphere all year round and remains stable in all weather conditions. So you can spend pleasant evenings on the balcony, terrace or in the garden and sit back and relax. Convince yourself and browse through our range a little. We will be happy to advise anytime and help you find your dream sofa!

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