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Bring-in guarantee

Guarantee claim

5.1. The guarantee period starts from the delivery date and is valid for 24 months.

5.2. Viplounge Home & Garden Ag offers a 24-month bring-in guarantee *from the delivery date. *In the event of a guarantee claim, the item must be brought to our service centre in Uznach with prior notification. A pick-up or delivery of a guarantee case at the customer's site will be charged at a flat rate of CHF 190.00.

5.3. The guarantee relates to the construction of the garden furniture during normal use.

5.4. Signs of wear and any colour changes are excluded from the guarantee.

5.5. Slight colour differences as well as irregular weaving lines or structures can occur because all of our furniture is made by hand.

5.6. With wooden garden furniture made of wood, changes in structure and colour are always to be expected; these deviations are excluded from the guarantee.

5.7. In the event of a defect, the buyer is not entitled to claim the purchase price back. If there is a justified guarantee case, we will handle the defect at our discretion in the form of a voucher, replacement or repair. Vouchers cannot be accumulated and any remaining amount will not be paid out.

5.8. A defect cannot be reported in stages. In the event of a guarantee service, this does not result in an extension of the guarantee period, nor is a renewed guarantee period added.

5.9. A deduction for benefits in use was taken into account when the purchase price was reimbursed. By actually using the item for a certain period of time, you gained an economic advantage, which has now been offset by the deduction of the benefits. This deduction is calculated from the ratio of the normal useful life of the item to the actually shorter useful life due to the defect.

All other warranty conditions can be found in the GTC.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, we strive to find a reasonable customer-friendly solution for complaints.

*Bring-in guarantee

7.1. In the event of a guarantee claim, the faulty item must be brought by the customer to our service centre in Uznach with prior notification. It will be repaired or replaced there within 14 working days.

If the viplounge delivery service picks up the faulty goods at the customer's site, the customer will be charged CHF 190 for transport costs.

Service centre Uznach

Service Center Uznach


After sales service at the customer

Service centre Uznach


Complaint process

8.1. Complaints are only possible via email; telephone complaints will not be accepted.

8.2. Contact us in writing and tell us about your complaint and the defect by email at

8.3. A copy of the invoice or delivery note is a prerequisite for a guarantee claim and must be enclosed with the email by the customer.

8.4. Without a delivery note or a copy of the invoice, there no guarantee claim exists.

8.5. In order to forward your concerns to the producer, we need clear photos of the defects. The photos must each be taken close-up at 20-40 cm and at a distance at 100-150 cm, so that the defect can be clearly seen and ascertained.

8.6. When the goods are delivered, the customer receives a delivery note where it is clearly stated that the goods must be checked for completeness and defects by the customer. If this delivery note is signed by the customer, the customer confirms that they have checked the garden furniture and thus accept the order. If a defect is found and reported at a later date, the customer is obliged to bear the renewed delivery cost of CHF 190. A second free curb delivery is not possible for a defect.

8.7. The customer has the option of bringing the defective goods free of charge to our service centre in Uznach with prior arrangement. The furniture is then submitted for quality inspection. If a defect covered by the guarantee is found, the furniture will be repaired or replaced within 2 weeks. (We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there may be colour deviations when exchanging). As soon as the furniture has been repaired or replaced and is ready for pick up, we will contact you. As a rule, the furniture is ready for pick up in our service centre after 14 working days. If you prefer to have the repair or replacement done at your home, this will be charged at a flat rate of CHF 190.00. It will then be determined on site by our employee whether the furniture will be repaired immediately or replaced.

8.8. Delivery of the guarantee by replacement, repair or a voucher on our part will not be renewed with a 24-month guarantee period.

The customer acknowledges that if Viplounge or the manufacturer provides a guarantee service or an exchange, a 6-month guarantee is granted for the replaced product. If the original guarantee period for the garden furniture lasts longer than 6 months, this guarantee period applies. These guarantee periods are neither interrupted by guarantee services nor do they start again.

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