Wooden garden table

Wooden garden table

A wooden garden table is the perfect addition to a rattan or outdoor lounge. The natural material captivates in every setting and gives your surroundings a touch of rustic comfort. Browse through our range and find the wooden table that will convince you!

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Wooden garden table for your outdoor area

When it comes to choosing a garden table, it is important to think about what requirements the table should meet. Because the furniture is the most important piece at a grill party, the meeting point for summer dinner parties and the centre of all gatherings. So a garden table should primarily be robust, but at the same time also create a feel-good atmosphere.

A wooden table: the rustic choice

Wood is the ideal choice because it represents naturalness, character and cosiness. The material is reliable and its many positive properties make it wonderful for outdoor furniture. In addition to the beautiful grain, wooden garden tables have a very pleasant feel.

Wood also doesn’t reach outside temperatures as quickly as metal, so you won't be shocked by an icy table top when you touch it. A wooden table fits perfectly in the garden and can be used with our rattan furniture as well for our outdoor lounge furniture, providing a harmonious addition and a down-to-earth alternative.

A wooden table that fits your taste

But the material is so versatile that it actually goes well everywhere. So our wooden garden tables can of course also be used indoors. With their timeless design they make every furnishing style indoors or outdoors complete! Just adapt the table to the colour of your interior. Our tables are available in several earthy wood colours from light to dark. Thanks to the straightforward style, wooden garden tables are ideal companions for every taste!

A wooden patio table - and accessories?

Once you have decided on a wooden furniture piece, you usually don't want anything else afterwards. At Viplounge we’re already prepared for this. We have a wooden garden chair equipped with soft cushions to match our wooden table. It combines rustic cosiness with optimal comfort and creates a harmonious overall look in your outdoor area.

But no outdoor gathering is really fun without the right sun protection. Our parasols provide pleasant shade, and thanks to UV protection they ensure that you can sit outdoors even when the sun is shining particularly intensely.

Of course, the weather can also change. If a hailstorm or thunderstorm start, you don’t have to laboriously drag the table inside. Instead, just throw one of our protective covers over it and the table is safe. The covers are made of waterproof plastic and are reliable in a wide variety of weather phenomena.

If you aren’t sure whether and how the table fits on your balcony or terrace, we would like to refer you to our lounge planer. You can put your lounge together virtually by dragging and dropping. You can precisely set the dimensions to match your available space. That way you can check in advance whether that wooden table is really the right one for you.

Care tips for wooden tables

Admittedly, in contrast to polyrattan, wood is a bit more maintenance-intensive. The table should be given regular care so you can enjoy the natural characteristics of this material for a long time. Here are a few tips for you to keep your garden table beautiful for a long time:

1. Clean with gentle soapy water

The wooden table should be cleaned thoroughly at least at the beginning and end of the gardening season. A soap solution made from natural soap is best suited for this. Because the vegetable oils it contains replenish the table's oil. But don’t use microfibre cloths because they remove the oil from the table. Instead, just use a cotton cloth, sponge, or soft brush.

2. Care for your garden table regularly

In addition, we recommend treating the wood with a special care product about twice a year. This stabilises the coating and maintains the shine. The agent penetrates the surface through the paint pores and refines it. In addition, slight damage to the surface such as hairline cracks, hail damage and slight scratches can be sealed. That's how you can reduce the maintenance intervals for the furniture. You will see: Proper care is worth it!

An wooden table doesn’t require too much effort. If you still want an alternative that is even easier to care for, you can look at our range of rattan tables for something you like. It’s your choice!

Buy wooden garden tables at Viplounge

We help you set up your personal favourite outdoor space. A wooden garden table is essential of course! The durable material enhances every lounge and fits practically with any piece of furniture. Trust Viplounge, your expert for outdoor furniture in Switzerland, to ensure you get high-quality garden furniture. We’re happy to assist you and help you navigate through our extensive range. We’ll support you in finding the optimal wooden table for you!

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